tbh a lot of jokes on tumblr that start out funny get rly annoying after a while but none pizza with left beef hasn’t gotten any less funny in like two years and I’m not sure why


All I want to do to Michael is teach him feminism and give him orgasms

undead prophet: do the thing
simon: im gonna do the thing
kieren: *breathes*
simon: actually im not gonna do the thing in fact im gonna to the exact opposite of the thing u asked me to do haha oops


We found that car that looks like a German Police car at First glance But actually says: “ministry for magic creatures” on it.” (= Bundesamt für magische Wesen)


i love you kieren walker


i love you kieren walker


@Ashton5SOS: Yes guys I miss my glasses too...Cause I literally can't see anymore lol +

Harry Potter tumblr style // inspired by (x)


and I would walk 500 dogs and I would walk 500 more


jams for when school has just begun and you’re really not feelin’ it



SCHOOL SUCKS, START A BAND | a back-to-school playlist |

talk! - the 1975 ♡ trying to be cool - phoenix ♡ why won’t they talk to me - tame impala ♡ school uniforms - the wombats ♡ friday i’m in love - the cure ♡ we’re going to be friends - the white stripes ♡ teenagers - hayley williams ♡ boss of me - they might be giants ♡ paper chase - the academy is… ♡ new perspective - panic! at the disco ♡ never miss a beat - kaiser chiefs ♡ no friends - san cisco ♡ campus - vampire weekend ♡ going away to college - blink-182 ♡ i’m not okay (i promise) - my chemical romance ♡ saturday - fall out boy ♡ college kids - relient k ♡ sophomore slump or comeback of the year - fall out boy ♡ sadie hawkins dance - relient k ♡ eighth grade - pency prep ♡ teenagers - my chemical romance ♡ troublemaker - weezer


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