So I went to the clothes show in Birmingham yesterday…

First of all, it was amazing and overwhelming and incredible.

I didn’t bring much money but all of the brands, even the famous ones were on sale so I was able to buy some new awesome t-shirts, as you can see.

The first and the third one are from ‘House of Mental’. I only wanted the Dinosaur one (the Anderson in me couldn’t resist) but you could get one for £10 and two for £15 so I thought ~well~…

The second one is from ‘David and Goliath, for a tenner as well. It glows in the dark *-* David and Goliath had so many awesome shirts and Hoodies!!

And finally the last one. My favourite. For incredible £2,50! SO. AWESOME.

Other things about the day…

  • I got free Haegen Dasz Ice Cream
  • I love exhibitions. A LOT. You get free stuff :3
  • There was a t-shirt with a Banksy-Print that I found when I had no money left. I cried.
  • All the girls from our school were dressed like SHIT because they wanted to be spotted by a model coach. It was ridiculous. I was just wearing jeans and t-shirt.
  • My friend Teigan was wearing and outfit that looked like a mixture of Steampunk and Alternative and stuff. She also bought a handmade tophat. She was the only girl who was spotted and asked if they could make a photo of her awesomeness. ~In your face, biatches!~ :D
  • We also had tickets for the real show, that means catwalk with a lot of really fit dance performancers and some people from The X-Factor that were appearently very famous. I had never heard of them.
  • On the 4-hour-bus-drive I listened to the last part of the audiobook of ‘The Student Price’ and I nearly cried because it was so awesome. But then the driver turned the radio on and everybody was singing Moves like Jagger. After all, it was not as bad as I thought.
  • And finally, because the day was so *unbelievable exhausting* I was able to persuade my mum into letting me stay at home today. YESSSS!

~spam over!~

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